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We Plan and organise your whole stay

Logistic Conciergerie

In a medical context it is important to be in a trustful and safe environment. That is why French Healing tries its best to make your stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

An excellent concierge is at your service to answer all your questions and exceed your expectations :


  • Private transport management
  • Airport welcome
  • Family office
  • Proposal of leisure and well-being activities
  • High-quality of on-site accommodation and restoration arrangements
  • Personalised follow-up of your medical stay
  • Hospital arrival and departure organisation
  • Personal interpreter

Support Service

We provide you an entire service which allows you to enjoy all your daily activities in a totally

We provide also high-quality postoperative medical and paramedical services.

Appointment organisation

French Healing  plans for you all your medical appointments in France. A meeting with the practitioner and his medical technical team before surgical operation is recommended.

Administrative Management

To make procedures easier upon your arrival in France, French Healing deals with all the formalities and administrative bureaucracy related to your stay.

  • Facilitate your sanitary VISA when required
  • Management of all your administrative records
  • Invoice and payment monitor
  • Strict security and confidentiality

Dès réception de votre demande, nous nous engageons à vous recontacter sous 72 heures.