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French Healing


French Healing is a luxury private medical concierge offering a full range of high-end solutions for international patients looking for excellent medical treatments in France, amoung our network of experienced and renowed practitioners.  To this end, French Healing strives to offer French medical excellence to patients worldwide.

Statement Of Care

French Healing  plans and organises healthcare treatment with our medical team partners, and can, at a patient’s request, organise the entire medical stay, accommodation and activities.

French Healing commits to planning a personalised stay for international patients and their attendants, considering their needs, wishes and routines.

Once you have chosen our large range of services, we promise you to get the premium quality of personalised care.

Our medical network of excellence

We have developed and set up an outstanding network, with the most experienced practitioners in their fields. To this end, French Healing provides the best technical resources for their clients, using leading-edge, and advanced technology.

All our practitioners are registered on the French medical board, mandatory for practicing French Healing in France. Moreover, all our establishments are certified and accredited by the National Institute of Health (HAS).

French Healing

Our Commitments

Our Values

3 French Healing pillars


We are committed to promoting an environment of medical excellence. All our partners are selected using specific criteria to guarantee: competence, reputation and reactivity.


We aim to give our patients a reassuring environment and to provide personalised, patient led


We guarantee to protect you,
your health and your personal information.


French excellence

France is ranked 5th in the world for life expectancy at birth due to a high-quality healthcare system and the dynamism in terms of research and technical progress. 13 French nationals have been laureates for the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

France also accounts for several innovations and world premieres: First partial and first total face transplant by 3D bio-printing living human tissue, first implant of cardiac cells and first implant of an artificial heart.

Our partners


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